History of the Monopoly Game

bank error in your favor

My closest associates and I here at admit-one
began a game of monopoly last night that is spilling over
into today (well later this evening). I got to wondering
about just what the longest game ever played was.
My daughter said 4 years and I doubted that so I
had to check. Turns out that it was 70 days, sheesh!
Check out these other interesting tidbits and be
sure to click “fun facts”.

Over 5,120,000,000 little green houses
have been “constructed” since the MONOPOLY®
game was introduced in 1935.

In Cuba, the game had a strong following until
Fidel Castro took power and ordered all known
sets destroyed.



Little Orphan Annie’s Decoder Badge

ROA SS decoder badge

Don’t you just love the Radio Orphan Annie secret
decoder scene in the movie A Christmas Story?
Little Ralphie recieved the 1940 version of the
decoder in the movie which was the last metal one
they made.
Getting your hands on one could be costly but sure
would be neat. If you can’t afford one, check out
this website. You can print one and assemble it
just like the real thing. Then buy their CD set of the
classic ROA shows and decode the messages for