Maywood CA, First city to go Tijuana

living in filth... It's coming your way.

Is this how you want your neighborhood to look?
It’s coming if something isn’t done soon.

Here in California…
The city council of Maywood, CA, dissolved the entire
traffic division of their police department, because
ILLEGALS were being inconvenienced by enforcement
of our traffic laws. What’s next?

It’s time to wake up America.

The American Daily


LEGO Digital Designer software

Terrific idea from LEGO

How cool is this? Design your lego masterpiece then
submit it to LEGO. Now LEGO can assemble the pieces
for you in a custom package and you can buy your
model from LEGO. I’m sure that you can have incredible
fun building your very own LEGO domains with your
custom designed peices. Looks like LEGO has a winner here. Factory Homepage



the trailer that's

Well I’m not so sure that this little trailer is “taking @merica back” but,
it sure looks like a sweet little personal fun camping trailer. I have liked
these things since the first time I saw one at the RV show here in
Southern California about 4 years ago. Check this little dandy out.

The T@B Story