Animated Knots by Grog

learn to tie knots

Wrongly handled, gripped, or tied, rope
can kill, maim, or burn. You could be the
victim! So, handle rope with care, inspect
and test any knot you tie.

Good advise from the author of a great
website. There are dozens and dozens
of knots that you can learn to tie on this
website, each animated on their own page.
A terrific source of knowledge. Highly
recomended for bookmark by us here at

Animated Knots by Grog


FIREBALL XL5 – Space City

supermarionation - Fireball XL5

Remember this?

Piloted by Steve Zodiac, Fireball XL5 was the flagship
of the World Space Patrol. Assigned to protect Sector
25 of the Solar System from alien invaders and make
contact with new races.

This was the Anderson series that propelled his
Supermarionation creations into the mainstream. Hugely
popular in it’s day, it was the only Anderson production
to date that was fully networked on the USA NBC
channel in 1963. It had a great theme tune on the
closing credits as well!

Gerry Anderson’s FIREBALL XL5

Theme songs and sound files from the show.

What jumptheshark has to say

Thanks to AE6JN for bringing back this memory of my
earliest childhood. I remember watching this B/W show
on our B/W television when I lived in Wisconsin as
a little child up until 1965.


Miraflores locks time-lapse – Google Video

Miraflores Locks, Panama

This is a time-lapse video made from the
miraflores lock’s webcam in Panama.
Interesting at first but after a few minutes
it becomesa bit boring. Remember, the
United States built these locks.

1 week compressed into 11 minutes

If you want to watch the canals in real time
(sort of), you really are a glutton for punishment.
Click the link below. Fast connection recomended.
You will need a Java enabled browser.

Live cam of the canal


Fuel Cell Motorbike to Hit U.S. Streets

fuel cell bike

The bike is dubbed the ENV (pronounced “envy”),
short for Emissions Neutral Vehicle.
The motorcycle has a top speed of 50 miles an hour
(80 kilometers an hour) and can run for 100 miles
(160 kilometers) or up to four hours on a tank of
compressed hydrogen. A fill-up costs about four
dollars (U.S.). This is cool but it needs to go a bit
faster and further.

Fuel Cell Motorbike to Hit U.S. Streets


cotton balls

cotton balls

Here is something someone wrote about their
fear of cotton balls:

I too know the agony of having a
headache and a brand new bottle
of aspirin and no one around to
dispose of the cotton standing
between me and a pain free noggin.

I can not find the official name for the fear of
cotton anywhere. If someone knows what it is,
please let me know. The closest I can find is
Textophobia but that isn’t it exactly. Textophobia
is the fear of certain fabrics and textiles. Weird

The reason for this post is, last night at the
dinner table, my father in law told us of an ex-
employee of his that was so afraid of cotton balls
that when he touched one or heard the noise
they make when one squeezes one he would
faint right there on the spot. Weird huh?

Read these peoples reactions to cotton balls. It
truly is irrational but real as anything.

fear of cotton balls


The Joule thief.

a miserly light

This little LED light circuit will produce very nice
bright white light from a single 1.5vdc source. The
circuit is so efficient it will still produce usable
white light that you can read by when the battery
source has been drained down to 0.35vdc. This light
will work with batteries that you would normally
consider dead and gone. Check it out. We here at
admit-one really like this one.

Make your own Joule bandit