UTARC Experimental Balloon Missions

balloons in space

Amateur Radio, sometimes called “ham radio,” is
an exciting hobby that you can join! It doesn’t
matter whether you’re technically inclined or not.
Technology is just one part of Amateur Radio; it’s
also about having fun, helping people, serving
your country, socializing, and making connections
that span cultures and continents.
Check out what the University of Tennessee’s
Amateur Radio Club is doing with ham radio and
high altitude balloons.

UTARC Up, up and away


Molecules with Silly or Unusual Names

silly molecules

Example: Fucitol

Although this sounds like what an undergraduate
chemist might exclaim when their synthesis goes
wrong, it’s actually an alcohol. It gets its wonderful
trivial name from the fact that it is derived from the
sugar fucose, which comes from a seaweed found
in the North Atlantic called Bladderwrack whose
latin name is Fucus vesiculosis. Cool, huh?

Here is the list