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Many of you have had someone track you down just to
chastise you for sending them a humongus attachment
in their e-mail, maxing out their e-mail allocation. May be
you are the inconsiderate sender. Whatever the case,
now there is Never piss off someone
like that again! If you do now, you deserve a fat lip.

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Welcome to Canada

C, eh N, eh D. eh

If we have bothered forming opinions at all about
Canadians, they’ve tended toward easy pickings:
that they are a docile, Zamboni-driving people who
subsist on seal casserole and Molson. Their hobbies
include wearing flannel, obsessing over American
hegemony, exporting deadly Mad Cow disease and
even deadlier Gordon Lightfoot and Nickelback albums.
You can tell a lot about a nation’s mediocrity index
by learning that they invented synchronized swimming.
Even more, by the fact that they’re proud of it.

Sound a bit harsh? Read on.

Welcome to Canada – As printed in the Weekly Standard


The St Petersburg Collection

awsome toy figurines

Simply the finest toy soldiers available anywhere
in the world today. Handcrafted by Russian
masters and hand painted by artisans in Russia.
There are none others that are their equal. Take
a look at these fine works of art. Mind you, these
amazing figures are on average only 3 inches
tall. Figures on horses and other animals are 4
to 6 inches tall.

The St Petersburg Collection

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Marshall Davout

Saracen Warrior

Marshal Herman Goering

Mounted Saracen

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