The Oscar goodie basket

not the actaul basket doofus.

Tonight is the 77th annual presentation of the
Academy Awards. Those golden Oscars, given
to the best of the best for 2004. While the winners
walk away with the Oscar, those unpaid presenters
and host do get a little something for their efforts.
Enter the Oscar Goodie Bag. Stuffed full of neat-o
things that when added up, total over $100,000.00.
Not bad for a night of shoving your nose into your
fellow actor and Actresses and directors rear ends.
Here is a partial list of the brown nose bag contents…

• A Krups kitchen set. Not just a coffeemaker, either.
This year’s gift includes a toaster, an electric kettle
and a year’s supply of coffee and tea ($700)

• A two-night stay at The Carlyle hotel in New York ($2,300)

• A red leather case filled with Shu Uemura cosmetics,
including mink eyelashes ($600)

• A year’s supply of Vonage broadband phone service ($500)

• A three-night stay for two at Palmetto Bluff in South Carolina ($3,600)

• A two-night stay for two at Bernardus Lodge in Carmel Valley (Calif.)
wine country ($2,500)

• A three-night stay for two (plus a “personal surf-butler”) at St. Regis
Monarch Beach Resort & Spa in Dana Point, Calif. ($5,900)

• A dinner party at any Morton’s, The Steakhouse ($1,500)

• Kay Unger cashmere pajama bottoms ($500)
(great marketing ploy to get you to buy the top!)

• An assortment of Manni Oils’ extra virgin olive oil ($540)

• An unlimited day of services at Cornelia Day Resort, which

just opened this month on Manhattan’s Fifth Avenue ($3,500)

• A three-night stay at San Ysidro Ranch, a popular celebrity
honeymoon spot in Montecito, Calif. ($3,000)

• And a variety of other things.

Have fun eating your popcorn and watching the 77th annual
Academy Awards tonight.



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Such a cdonition is arppoiately cllaed Typoglycemia.

Amzanig huh?
And yuo awlyas thought slpeling was ipmorantt.

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SolarMission Technologies :: The Project

rise air, rise

“It may sound like science fiction, but this
project is on track to get approval by the
Australian government. If completed, the
$800 million solar tower will be the tallest
man-made structure in the world.”
-TIME Magazine

At 3000 feet high the tower and facility will
be capable of making around 200MW of power
or enough energy for roughly 200,000 households.

SolarMission Technologies :: The Project



name your cereal, they have it!

Ever hear of a cereal bar? Well, it seems to be the next hot ticket
in the food store business. If you like to eat cereal, they have
what you want with over 30 brands and a variety of milk to go
with it. I actually like the idea of a cereal bar and cafe, as whacky
as it sounds. Look for one to show up near your town soon. I
can’t wait for one to pop up near where I live. I wonder if they will
also provide a “hot spot” wireless internet connection for it’s patrons.

Cereality Cereal bar and cafe


fish in a purse

fucking stupid

Remember recently, I spoke of nailing two things together
that have never been nailed together before? Well, here is
another one just to prove my point. Where do these people
come up with this shit? And believe me, I’m sure that these
things are selling like it’s nobodies business. With the
exception of the occasional homo, flocks of women will
gladly hand over $100.00 for one of these special fishbags.
How many Betas will die simply to make a fashion
statement? PETA, where are you?

The ridiculous Bubble Gear Fishbags.