Historical Perspective

more stimulating talk radio

A little historical perspective on a phenomenon called
radio, a group of people called ‘Hams’ and a Los Angeles
radio station that recently lost it’s 731’ tall transmitter
tower felled by a light aircraft. It is indeed tragic that two
lives were lost in the aircraft crash, fortunately not more,
and also that an historic landmark is also now gone forever.

John’s historical perspective on KFI.


F you and your H2 too!

fuck you and your H2

This site is great. I think the H2 is a total joke.
Don’t get me wrong, I wish I had one but I’d
never buy one even if I could afford it. Lets
face it… The H2 is no Hum Vee. H2 is Chevy’s
joke on the American public. The H2 is the poor
man’s Hummer. People that can afford them just
eat em up like Krispy Creams. Sure they are
probably safer in an accident but so is a full size
American truck like the Chevy Tahoe which
is what this ugly box of an H2 is mounted to.
Anyway, I’m with em. I one finger salute the
H2 too! Looking forward to FUH3 2

Dont leave without checking out the submissions.

F you and your H2 too!


evil Santa

nuaghty Santa

I was looking through some of my pictures today when
I ran across this one of my daughter sitting on good
ol’ Santa’s lap taken at a local mall a few years ago.
Looks innocent enough but take a good look at
Santa’s right hand. Looks like Santa wasn’t in too good
of a mood that day, ya think?

Photo (c)kf6hqc


A brief history of telegrams

Western union note

From the days of the earliest smoke signals and the
wondrous lighthouse at Alexandria, people have
been sending messages over long distances with
the best technology they could devise.
A really nice read about the history of the telegram.

Sent a telegram today. Tomorrow, you’ll be on your way.

my retrogram to you all

Send a retrogram today. Tomorrow you’ll be a happy camper.


Encyclopedia Astronautica: Space Suits

farout spacesuit

To explore and work in space, human beings must take

their environment with them because there is no atmospheric pressure and no oxygen to sustain life.
In order to work outside the spacecraft, humans need
the protection of a spacesuit. Take a look at the space suits on this page. My favorite is the Grumman Moon Suit .

Crazy space suits.


beluga caviar

friggin fish eggs

Caspian fisherman dream of catching a great Beluga,

it is tantamount to finding a diamond in the desert.
This may indeed be true but personally I don’t think I’ll
ever try caviar even if the opportunity presents itself.
What kills me are the prices that these “little gems”
fetch. Over $3000 for one kilogram (2.2 lbs) of caviar.

Take a look at these prices.


20th century castles

living underground

Very few of these first generation missile sites were built.
All other sites decommissioned after 1965 are being destroyed
to conform to international treaty agreements. No more
structures of this size and strength are being built. Most of
these properties are rough after 30 years of neglect, but with
some clean up and reconstruction inside, their grandeur is

Own your own Missile silo home.


pi 10k

pi is good

Assign a note to each numeral, 0-9 and then let this
thing go. It will play your tune for 10,000 notes as
dictated by the number pi. Too bad the tune sucks
no matter what notes you assign.

The first 10,000 numbers of pi as musical notes

The Hizamakura lap pillow

This is sad.

This is the “Hizamakura,” a lap pillow that resembles a

woman’s legs in a miniskirt. The pillow, which sells for 9,429 yen, is popular among single men and as gag gifts for New Year’s parties. This one follows close on the heels, er, arms of Japanese company Kameo’s
Boyfriend’s Arm Pillow
. I wonder how many guys
found one of these under the tree this Christmas.