I scream

rollie pollie ice cream maker

With the unique Play & Freeze Ice Cream Maker TM,
you can make ice cream anywhere. You don’t need

electricity, just add ice and rock salt in one end and
ice cream mix in the other end–then have a ball as you shake it, pass it or roll it.

Have a ball making ice cream.


Japan still rockin’

earthquake damage in Japan

Japan has experienced several major earthquakes in the
last couple of months. There have been tens of thousands
of aftershocks following these quakes too. Many after-
shocks are quite powerful in their own right. Now Japan is
hit with a 7.1 and loss of more life as a result. When will
things settle down? Seeing that Japan is right on the “ring
of fire” I’d venture to bet that things won’t settle down for
a long time to come.

Japan is still rockin’ and rollin’ after several weeks of earthquakes.


Airstream Skydeck

Airstream Skydeck

This novel idea seems to take off from the open air double-
deckers, lifting the roof literally off the humble motorhome.

For the roving gypsy, the result is a full-sized rooftop patio to sleep under the stars or enjoy the panaromic
view. As with anything that comes with a view, the cost is enough to go through the roof, too.
330 HP Caterpillar diesel engine, 860ft lbs of torque, marine-
grade weatherproof rooftop furniture, patio conveniently retracts within seconds from controls inside the coach.

The incredible Airstream Skydeck motorhome.


RocStock in the news

big rocket sucka

On Saturday night, November 13th, FOX 11 news did a live
broadcast at 10:30pm for the weather and filmed a night
launch. On November 26, FOX 11 did a 4 minute piece on
the RocStock event. You can view them here. The links to
the video are all at the top of the page. Enjoy.

FOX channel 11 video of RocStock XX


The Clearing

The Clearing

My wife and I just finished watching The Clearing
on DVD. To sum this one up quickly I’d say save
your money. I’m sorry but this one was W-E-A-K,
weak. I was waiting for Redford’s face to peel off.
And the 2 minute closure scene? P.U. Not much of
a thriller if you ask me. Now for a shot of reality. If
you were able to overcome your assailant and have
the golden opportunity to choke him to death to
save your own life, would you do it? HELL YES!
Did Redford? Hell no. Like I said, sorry this one is
real weak and not worth the DVD rental.


The shadow economy

underground economy

Forget the get-rich-quick “Work at Home” ads

promising “$300-$1,000 per week. There is an
entire realm of underground economy activities
alive and well keeping many individuals and
families above water by dealing in cash payments
or services under-the-table and off the books.
Your local swap meet is one fine example.

What people do to streatch their dollars.


Petzl Zipka Plus

the only head light you'll ever need

Using the latest battery-stretching LED technology, the

Zipka Plus shines brilliantly in the hands-free lighting market. Drop one in your urban kit.
One of the things that really made us (here at admit-one) pay attention to the Zipka Plus is it’s snazzy self-
contained retractable headband.

11-28-2004 Update

I got a chance to check out the Zipka Plus
up close and personal today at my local
REI. Yep, we here at admit-one still think
this puppy is worth every penny. I will own
one very soon. Ho ho ho.

The amazing Petzl Zipka PLus ultra bright LED head lamp.


Self Esteem game

find smiley

Studies have shown that the information in people’s

enviroment can greatly affect them without them even being aware of it. Other studies have shown that certain people have attentional biases toward either threatening, or rejection information, which in turn perpetuates their sensitivity to rejection and could cause them to develop low self-esteem. Our studies have shown that people with low self-esteem have an attentional bias for rejection and people with high self-esteem do not. The purpose of the EyeSpy project is to help change people’s attentional
biase for rejection, more specifically to teach people with low-self-esteem to ignore rejection information.

Play the eyespy game.