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If there are two things I really love it’s breasts. Small, big, it
doesn’t matter. I love em.
Did you know that The Breast Cancer site is having trouble
getting enough people to click on their site daily to meet their
quota of donating at least one free mammogram a day to an
underprivileged woman.
Mammograms can detect breast cancer early so that hopefully
radical surgery can be avoided. Your daily click on their web
page helps to fill a quota of visits. when their quota is met, they
donate a free mammogram. Simple stuff, so click today.


The Ladykillers

poetic justice, to be sure.

The Coen brothers are brilliant film makers. Many of
their films are in my top 20 favorites. This movie of
theirs, The Ladykillers, was amusing but I’m afraid it
just won’t make it to my favorites list. Although it is
pure Coen brothers style, it just doesn’t capture my
interest the way Fargo or The Big Lebowski did. My
wife and I agree, it is still a fine movie, just not as
winning as we’d hoped.


Darrell is fat

arteries of glass

Are you looking for a fat sandwich? Look no further than
the R.U. Hungry Truck in New Brunswick, New Jersey.
The Fat Darrell started in 1997 when, hungry and low on

cash, student Darrell Butler begged the guy inside the R.U. Hungry truck to put everything he was craving—
chicken fingers, mozzarella sticks with marinara, and French fries—on one roll. I think there are a couple of
hamburgers in there two. I’m willing to bet that this puppy weighs in at close to 1500 calories

Maxim magazine featured this whopping sandwich in an
article last September along with 9 others from around the
country. The Fat Darrell placed number 1 on their list. Way
to go Darrell.


Republican shit

republican shit

In a complaint to the Federal Elections Commission, the

National Republican Campaign Committee accused radio station KFI-AM (640) co-hosts John Kobylt and Ken Chiampou of “criminal behavior” for attacking Rep. David Dreier, R-Glendora, and endorsing his Democratic opponent, Cynthia Matthews.

What an interesting accusation. I happen to be in on this

one as it is literally happening in my own back yard.
David Dreier is my representitave in congress. I have a
“Fire Dreier” poster in my front yard and I listen to John and Ken. So what is all of the hub bub?

I seem to remember when KFI’s, John and Ken were big
players in booting that worthless ex-governer of ours,
Grey Davis, out of office in favor of the governator,

Arnold. I guess it is okay with the Republican party
to have a big radio station in their corner when it works
in their favor but, holy cow is it ever a crime if it is not
in their best interest.
Read the rest.

Republican hypocrites


red wine fights lung cancer


As if we really needed a reason to drink red wine.
Well, if you really need to justify a few glasses of
red wine each day, this has to be about the best
reason I can think of. Before you start popping
corks, it is only red wine that helps fight lung
cancer, not white wine. Pour yourself a nice glass
of red wine and read the story.

drink up, shriners


They’re playing his song

just another ass hole for Kerry

The musician who co-wrote the 1970s hit ‘Still the One’
wants George W. Bush stop using the tune at campaign
events, saying he’s no fan of the President and the
campaign never got asked him for permission.
John Hall, a former Democratic county legislator in
upstate New York, co-wrote Still the One and recorded
it with his band Orleans in 1976.
The cheery pop tune was played at Bush events
Thursday and again Friday to open and close a rally
for the president in New Hampshire.
“I was watching TV, and there all of a sudden was
my song, my guitar playing, my voice coming out of
the speakers,” said the Hall.
Hall’s lawyers are drafting a formal letter of complaint
to the Bush campaign.
A spokesman for the Republican did not immediately
return calls for comment.


Global warming

hot rock

The central contention of these pages is that for over a

decade the IPCC has published global temperature trends distorted by purely local warmth from Urban Heat Islands (UHI’s). These spurious trends have been promoted as “smoking gun” evidence of greenhouse warming. A fraudulent notion based on corrupted data.

Debunking global warming


University research

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The rset can be a total mses and you can sitll raed it wouthit a porbelm. Tihs is bcuseae the huamn mnid deos not raed ervey lteter by istlef, but the wrod as a wlohe.

Amzanig, huh?