Killer art from NobbyNobody. Actually it’s from
Phillip Blackman. he has a few works in progress
so look for them soon. in the meantime check out
his current finished projects.



Pulp fiction mistakes

totally pulp

Pulp Fiction, what a great film. I have seen it several times. I have
even noticed a couple of mistakes here and there like the black
to gold shoes on Mia and the fact that the black kids head was
still attached when they show him in the trunk. I had no idea
that there were this many inconsistencies in the film however!
Have you found goof ups in the movie Pulp Fiction? See if they
are listed on this web site lists.

goofy pulp

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Archie McPhee

carbohydrate cannon

Potato pistols are lots of fun where ever you go.I have
had a few of these things as a kid and I have ordered a
few of these puppies as an adult from Archie McPhee.
I used to like to shoot cars from the back seat as a kid
because the spud pellets left white starch marks on the
other cars paint jobs after the liquid dried. Ah, the fun
we had as kids.
Wacky stuff for todays pop culture. Have fun.

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Bazooka bubble gum – A brief history

bubble gum

Everyone has had a piece of Bazooka bubble gum at least
once in there life. And what about the way cool comic strip
inside? Bazooka is by far the best selling bubble gum of all
time. Can you guess what two chewing gums are the best
selling of all time? You can find the answer in this brief
history of chewing gum. A fun and interesting read.