Disciples of John and Ken

Here in southern California one of our Congressmen is named David Dreier. I happen to live in his congressional district. It is my opinion that he is a worthless wig wearing hump. A lot of other people in this district believe the same thing. One of these people is my friend John. You will probably see a bunch of stuff on this blog by him in the future. This first entry by me on my blog site is about John’s new website called the Disciples of John and Ken, dojak.net John and Ken are a couple of radio talk show hosts that have really have a bone to pick with our great state of California’s leadership and the direction they are taking us. Their radio show can be heard anywhere in Southern California, Monday through Friday from 3:00pm to 7:00pm on KFI 640 AM. If you live in Southern California I urge you to give them a listen and hear what they have to say. Also visit their website which you can link to from the KFI website. Be sure to visit my friend John’s website too…